We offer Archival framing, museum quality standards of workmanship and materials. Our inventory includes a large selection of moulding in stock, allowing for competitive pricing and fast turnaround time.


The gallery offers verbal and written appraisals of your artwork. David Barnett, a member of the Appraisers Association of America since 1975, is an expert in appraising paintings, sculpture, original prints, and drawings.

Giclee Printing

Giclee print technology allows the gallery to customize art for your needs. Archival quality digital prints of your selected artwork can be custom-made to a desired different size. This technology also creates the opportunity to purchase a favorite piece of art found in the gallery at a lower cost. 


Delivery & Installation

Our professional consultants can help find the best possible arrangement for your new and existing artwork. We deliver your artwork and framing at your convenience, and we install it in your home or office.


In order for you to get the most out of your viewing, tours guided by David Barnett can be arranged by appointment. Group tours of any kind are welcome to come and spend time at the gallery on a pre-arranged date.

Event Locations

The gallery is a stunning and sophisticated location to hold a special business or social event. Bring in private catering or have us provide simple snacks and beverages to refresh your guests. We have a conference room available for a meeting to be held. Otherwise, the guests can wander around the gallery observing art while they enjoy your event. Special fundraising events for non-profit organizations can be arranged as well. Please call the gallery for further information.

Restoration & Conservation

We have over 40 years of experience in evaluating works on canvas and paper. Our company ensures museum quality standards in conserving and restoring your art treasures. We can breathe new life into your damaged or deteriorating oil paintings, works on paper, sculpture and picture frames.

VanGo Frame & Art, America's Gallery to You!


By appointment, our mobile art service and our expert consultants come to your home or office for a presentation and consultation for art selection, framing and lighting, based on your needs and personal preferences. A wonderful selection of art in a wide variety of styles, media, and prices are brought to you for your consideration and selection.


*Gift certificates are available. 



 * Views of Corporate and Residential installations.