Sylvia Spicuzza

Abstract Figure With Bird, 1954
Black conte crayon on calendar page with estate stamp signature
12.75 x 19 in
SKU: 2043d
The present work, drawn with black Conté crayon on a calendar sheet, Sylvia Spicuzza presents the viewer with a rhythmic vision. The scene is dominated by the figure of a woman in a large hat on the left, the linear construction of her face indebted to the cubist stylization of Picasso. She holds her hands together, seeming to reference a gesture of devotion. To the right, among a musical flurry of line and pattern, Spicuzza has also rendered a woman in profile looking upward to a menacing totem-like bird. 19 x 12.75 inches, artwork 21 x 27 inches, frame stamped with the artist's signature lower left