Robert Richter

Beige House, 2012
Oil on wood
36 x 48 in
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In this painting, Robert Richter depicts a view over the top of a suburban fence, peeking into the backyard of a neighbor. Over the rounded wooden pickets are thickets of trees in a Midwestern backyard. The artist purposefully challenges the figure-ground relationship in the painting: the edges of each of the trees blur one into another, confusing which are in the foreground and background. To the far right, the walls of the house for which the painting is titled peek out from the edge of the image. The ambiguity and the playful decentering in the composition privileges faint memory over direct observation, and is part of Richter's working process.

36 x 48 inches, painting
43 x 55 inches, frame
Titled, dated, signed in pencil & stamped with initial on verso
Housed in a frame of the artist's design and construction