Robert Richter

Bodega House (California), 2011
Oil on wood
48 x 36 in
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"Bodega House (California)" is an original oil painting on wood by Wisconsin artist Robert Richter, signed on the verso. The frame was created and hand-carved by the artist, making it integral to work of art. The painting depicts the roof of a house sticking up through a treeline. The nearest tree is dotted with yellow flowers, suggesting springtime, and the bright blue sky fades as it reaches the horizon, dotted with clouds. The leaning cypress trees create the impression of a windy day.


Artwork size: 48" x 26"
Frame size: 55" x 43"


Artist statement: 
"I was born in Milwaukee over half-a-century ago in the year of the horse.  I started painting in earnest when I was eight years old.  My parents saw that it might be nice for me to take some art lessons.  I spent Saturdays in those days drawing Superman and Batman (Batwoman too, Ha!) from comic books.  My formative brain was stamped with the creedo that one cannot make a decent painting without making a decent drawing.  To this day it is a self-imposed limitation (?) that opens my world.  Later I would graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and then off to New York City with a Fine Art degree. I painted store front windows, speak easy murals for gangsters, lithographs from aluminum plates for actors, wood paintings for funk musicians, stage sets for theatre, T-shirts, costumes, curtains, wall hangings, furniture, floors-  I painted everything, literally.  Years later in a distant city, I received a Masters degree in Contemplative Buddhist Studies. I draw and paint from memory.  When I am satisfied with a drawing, I incise it on wood panel.  I color it in not too unlike a coloring book, staying pretty much within the lines.  It keeps me from getting too carried away.  It is a forgiving technique. I do not use photographs.  I try to paint the snapshot in my head and heart. Another little thing I like to do is incorporate the sensations of many colors in a single application.  A black top road for instance is noted for its peach, lavender, smoky gray yellow and dry blue- to create the sensation of all these colors in a single application.  Now that would be some crayola crayon!  Another painter once remarked to me, "Why bother".  And here is why.  I want my paintings to be stunning from across the room, to beckon, as all good paintings should.  And then up close, what a surprise! So simply done!  Even a cave man can do it! I am pleased and honored to be currently represented by David Barnett."