Cathryn Ruvalcaba

Chick Chat, 2023
Oil on canvas
10 x 20 in
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"Chick Chat" is an original oil painting on canvas created by Cathryn Ruvalcaba. This painting details four baby chicks in a line. Each facing a different direction and interacting with different pieces of their environment. Ruvalcaba's style provides an excellent view of how fluffy these little babies are.  While Ruvalcaba's style nears photo realism, there is an added level of playfulness that sets her work apart. The bright, almost neon brush strokes that accent the scene bring out the life that exists within. She personifies the animals she creates, making her subjects seem almost fantastical. Yet the familiarity of the species she paints roots these animals in reality.


Artwork Size: 10" x 20"

Frame Size: 16 3/8" x 26 1/2"