Reginald K. Gee

Convention Speaker, 1999
Acrylic on parchment paper
33 x 28 in
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"Convention Speaker" is an acrylic painting on parchment paper by Reginald K. Gee. The artist signed the piece lower right. It depicts an abstracted human figure in bright colors. Similar to many of Reginald K. Gee's pieces, this one depicts an incredible amount of energy and expression. The severe abstraction evokes a wide variety of reactions from viewers from adoration to unease. 33" x 28" art 40 3/4" x 35 3/4" frame Framed to conservation standards in a gold traditional moulding and glazed with UF5 Plexiglass that filters 99% of UV rays to inhibit fading. Contemporary African American and Native American Heritage Artist, Reginald K Gee, is known for Neo-Expressionism Visionary Neo-Expressionism Art. Some of the themes explored by this visionary artist include playful musicians, surreal landscapes and seascapes, mystical dreams, and fantastic visions. Gee, born in Milwaukee in 1964, is emerging as a national tour de force on the contemporary art scene. He is a self-taught artist and writer, who currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. Gee's interpretation of subject matter is unique, and inventive and illustrates his command of expression in form, color, and language. This African and Native American artist incorporates his own visionary images, symbols, and numerology into his art. Gee's paintings are figurative, abstract, and narrative, expressing through the use of uninhibited color the artist's views of contemporary society. When asked how he learned about art, Gee replied, "I didn't. I still haven't learned. You just do it". The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel describes Gee's art as "tribal art-derived from Pop Culture and art magazines". In recent years, Gee has participated in dozens of shows including Soul of Black Folk and the Chicago Black Art Expo. Gee is influenced by Picasso, De Kooning, Francis Bacon, Jean Michel Basquiat, and David Salle.