Ernesto Gutierrez

Feria en Huancayo (Market in Huancayo), 1999
Oil on canvas
48 x 38 in
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'Feria en Huancayo (Market in Huancayo)' is an original oil painting signed by the Peruvian-American painter Ernesto Gutierrez. The painting is an excellent example of the work that he was producing during the end of the 1990s. The composition shows a group of four Andean women closely clustered together. The rounded forms of their bodies and faces are repeated in the round forms of the ceramic vessels they carry to market. Indeed, the composition is unified by the repeating pattern of the figures, like the repeating motifs of a song, all of whom wear the same hat in their arrangement across the canvas. Paintings like this show the artist's observation of daily life on the streets of Peru, but at the same time elevate these figures with mystery and magic. Oil on canvas 48 x 38 inches, canvas 58 x 48 inches, frame Signed "E. Gutierrez" lower right Entitled in ink on reverse, upper left. Overall excellent condition. Presented in a custom gold finish wood moulding and with a linen liner.