Aaron Perkins Chikumbirike- African (Shona)

Healing and Diagnosing, 2004
springstone and fruit serpentine
22 x 7.25 x 4 in
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'Healing and Diagnosing' is an original stone sculpture by the Zimbabwean sculptor Aaron Perkins Chikumbirike. The sculpture presents a highly stylized figural grouping, as is so often desired in the works of Shona artists: Two figures stand side by side, one larger than the other and both looking directly forward. Their bodies taper to a small point at their feet, where they join to a small circular base. The long curving hand of the larger figure holds a traditional healer's medicine stick, the hair flowing out of which is carved with fine lines contrasting the polished surface of the figures. The overall affect of the sculpture contains the power and comprehension of healing.

springstone and fruit serpentine
22 x 7.25 x 4 inches
Signed A. Chikumbirike along base
Overall excellent condition with no signs of wear, cracking or chipping