Alphonse Mucha (after)

Incantation - L'Estampe Moderne, 2007
Giclee print on watercolor paper after 1897 lithograph
34 x 24.25 in
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"Incantation - L'Estampe Moderne" is a giclee print on watercolor paper after the original lithograph by Alphonse Mucha. L'Estampe Moderne was a French publication aimed at promoting the art of printmaking. Each issue came with a paper cover bearing an original lithograph by Mucha. Here we see a goddess-like woman with face and palms directed towards the sky as streams incense stream out of ornate vessels. A second woman is shown knelt to the ground while playing the harp. There is a city scape included in the background that is most likely Jerusalem with the distinct Dome of the Rock included. There are also strings of the Star of David surrounding the women to further support the location. 34" x 24.5" Alphonse Maria Mucha was born in 1860 in the town of Ivancice, Moravia (the present Czech Republic). His artistic career began when he worked in decorative painting jobs in Moravia, mostly painting theatrical scenery. In 1879, he relocated to Vienna to work for a major Viennese theatrical design company, while informally augmenting his artistic education. Mucha moved to Paris in 1887, and continued his studies at Académie Julian and Académie Colarossi. In addition to his studies, he worked at producing magazine and advertising illustrations. In 1895, he was commissioned to create a poster for Sarah Bernhardt’s play “Gismonda”. The Immediate success that followed, the originality and sensitivity of Mucha’s new style and wide public appreciation, made the legendary actress sign him to a six-year contract to design posters, stage sets and costumes for her plays. By 1898, Mucha had become a famous and creative Art Nouveau artist. His graphic works are based on a strong centered composition and symbolic themes, featuring idealized young female figures in sensuous or provocative poses, entwined in vaporous hair and light dresses enriched by decorative ornaments inspired by nature, such as willowy foliage, flowers and extravagantly beautiful jewels. The figures are detailed by expressive darker lines and enriched by natural soft colors and gold; functional and decorative friezes usually frame the illustrations and the background space is filled by floral or abstract patterns.