David Douglas Duncan & Joan Dvorsky

Jacqueline Picasso with Medallion (Museu Picasso de Barcelona Invitation for the Picasso Ceramics 2012-13 Exhibition), 1957, 1977, 2012
After a photo of Jacqueline by DD Douglas 1957&1977 ceramic medallion initialed on back by J Dvorsky
8.25 x 5.50 in
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Presented here is an invitation to the Picasso Ceramics exhibition held at the Museu Picasso de Barcelona in 2012-13. The front of the invitation displays David Douglas Duncan's 1957 photographic portrait of Jacqueline Picasso wearing a necklace with ceramic pendants by Pablo Picasso. Framed along with this portrait is a ceramic pendant from 1977 by Milwaukee artist Joan Dvorsky which takes clear inspiration from the masterful work of Picasso.

Offset lithograph after 1957 original with ceramic pendant
Pendant signed on the reverse

8.25 x 5.5 inches, photograph
1.88 inches diameter, pendant
15.75 x 11.75 inches, frame

Mounted in a shadow box frame, built to conservation standards using archival materials including 100% percent rag matting, Museum Glass to inhibit fading, and housed in a whitewash finish wood moulding.
Photograph in overall good condition, with some marks on surface; pendant in excellent condition; housed in a new custom frame.