Karin Krohne Kaufman

Legacy, 2008
Oil on canvas
40 x 30 in
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'Legacy' is an original oil painting signed by American artist Karin Krohne Kaufman. The title adds a noble air to the magical scene the painting presents: in the image, a woman with flowing black hair and rosy cheeks walks through a curtain of weeping willow leaves, her clothing flowing in the wind. In her hand, she carries a basket of flowers and grasses and a golden monkey. Kaufman calls her works "Illustrated Dreams" because this is the experience that they most closely resemble. Her illustrations are exquisitely detailed, often depicting young Asian women and capturing a fantasy-like image of nature and children. Like dreams, these drawings contain universal symbols which psychologist Carl Jung termed archetypes. Although she has personal interpretations of the drawings, she feels that the universal symbolism which the drawings contain give them a meaning which is unique for each individual. 40 x 30 inches, canvas 49.5 x 39.5 inches, frame Signed and dated lower right Framed to conservation standards using a beveled three-inch linen liner and a reverse ogee gold finish wood moulding