Obert Mukumbi - African (Shona)

Mother and Child, 2003
Sculpture, Springstone
25 x 10 x 11 in
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'Mother and Child' is an original stone sculpture by the Zimbabwean artist Obert Mukumbi. This sculpture is unlike most other examples of Shona sculpture in that it has been carved to sit on a step, ledge or shelf rather than to stand upright. While this difference offers the chance for a more interactive artwork that can be set in unexpected locations, the aesthetics sensibilities that Obert applies to the subject are steeped in the Shona tradition. The materiality of the stone is on full display, with the artist playing with textures of rough-hewn stone and smooth polish. In addition, the mother and child show an intimate relationship, a common and desired theme amongst Shona artists. springstone not signed 25 x 10 x 11 inches, overall body stands 16 inches tall from seat legs extend 9.25 inches downward from seat concrete base included at request of buyer 95 lbs Overall excellent condition with no signs of wear or damage.