Faith Taylor-Lund

Orange Composition, c. 1968
stain acrylic dye on canvas
72 x 66 in
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"Orange Composition" is a painting with stain acrylic dye by Faith Taylor-Lund. The painting is orange with a fluid pink stain on the left.


Artwork Size: 72" x 66"


Artist's Statement: 
"Painting an abstract is my soul’s adventure. It’s a process of moving forward, taking time to depart from the old so that I can explore and grow. Allowing myself to get lost in the adventure yet finding my way ‘home’ as everything falls into place is an invaluable journey."

Never having had an art lesson, Faith taught herself while attempting mimic the styles of the Old Masters. Each work of art is an expression of Faith’s experiences and inspirations, along with her desire to capture a moment in time while remaining true to her intuition and grace.

Among the artists who have influenced Faith are first and foremost the Old Masters, who she considers her "first loves." Faith holds the utmost respect and admiration for Constable, Inness and Turner.