Andy Warhol

Querelle, 1983
Original offset lithograph poster
39.25 x 27.50 in
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The present work is an original color offset lithograph poster designed by Andy Warhol for the film 'Querelle.' The National Galleries of Scotland describes this poster as follows: "In 1982 Warhol was commissioned by the German film director Rainer Fassbinder, to design a poster for his adaptation of Jean Genet’s classic novel, ‘Querelle.' The story of a sailor’s journey into the sexual underworld of a French port appealed to Warhol’s cinematic sensibilities and could easily have been one of his own productions (he had started making films in the 1960s). This design is based on a photograph by Warhol of two young men with bare shoulders. It is characteristic of his work in the 1980s, incorporating elements of both hand-drawn and photographic screenprinting. He focuses attention on the suggestively licking tongue by splashing it with a vibrant red." 39 1/4 x 27 1/2 inches, poster 39.75 x 27.27 inches, frame Framed to conservation standards in an aluminium moulding and behind UV5 Plexiglas