Wellstood & Kirk (engraver)

Scene on the Wabash, and Potawattamie Indians from the original painting by George Winter, 1860
Hand-colored engraving
5.50 x 6.25 in
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"Scene on the Wabash, and Potawattamie Indians" is an original hand-colored engraving, executed by Wellstood & Kirk after the original painting by George Winter. The image captures the kind of scene of the American landscape for which Winter is best known: among the lush trees and flowing rivers, Pottawatomi men, women and children relax from their travels, their horses tied nearby. Paintings and prints like this from the middle of the nineteenth century captured an idealized view of the American terrain – one that many feared was fast disappearing. As the territory of the United States moved westward and American Indian populations were increasingly displaced, several prominent white Americans were becoming concerned about the preservation of the landscape. George Winter's painting, and thus this print, represented appeals for the conservation of the land as well as a romanticized view into a pre-colonized world. This particular print was published in The Ladies' Repository, which was a monthly periodical based in Cincinnati and produced by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. From 1841 to 1876, the magazine devoted itself to literature, arts and doctrines of Methodism, containing articles, poetry, fictions, engravings, and notes of interest to its readers. Artwork Size: 5 1/2"x6 1/4" Frame Size: 16 3/8"x17 1/2 Published in Cincinnati, Ohio Text reads: Engraved by Wellstood & Kirk , from the original by George Winter Scene on the Wabash, and Patawattamie Indians. Engraved Expressly for the Ladie's Repository. Middleton Printer Cin. Framed to conservation standards using archival materials including 100 percent rag French-style matting, UV5 Plexiglas to inhibit fading, and housed in a gold finish wood moulding.