Robert Richter

Shore Bush, 2011
Oil on wood
34 x 54 in
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In this painting, Robert Richter has composed a tightly-cropped image of a leafy bush, paying attention to its individual leaves and flowers. The bush becomes a landscape in and of itself, with forms that seem to become hills and valleys. Below the shrub, a row of small flowers - perhaps dandelions - scatter the foreground like tiny trees. This of course conflicts with the actual landscape that can be seen on either side of the bush, looking out to a tree-lined lake or river. This playful ambiguity between form and ground privileges faint memory over direct observation and is part of Richter's working process. 

34 x 54 inches, painting
41 x 61 inches, frame
Titled, dated, signed in pencil and stamped with initial on verso
Housed in a frame of the artist's design and construction