Six Polo Players, Late 19th c.?
11.25 x 7.63 in
SKU: 2007d
The present illuminated folio page contains a miniature depicting six figures playing polo. Polo, also called 'chagun,' was the sport of kings and princes of central Asia and Iran, and the sport probably originated there in the 6th century BCE. Polo matches appear in a large number of early Persian texts, including in the writings of the 10th century epic writer Abu l-Qasim al-Firdawsi: He describes numerous polo matches in his famous 'Shahnameh' (The Persian Book of Kings). 11.25 x 7.63 inches, artwork 18.88 x 15.25 inches, frame accompanied on the back with an image of the verso framed to conservation standards with a 100% rag silk-lined mat in a gold gilded frame