Rembrandt van Rijn

The Raising of Lazarus: the Larger Plate, c. 1632
Etching on Ingres D'arches off-white laid paper, with burin, signed Tenth and final state Posthumous Impression, 1998
14.25 x 10 in
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The Raising of Lazarus: The Larger Plate, c.1632, is one of the largest, finest, and most detailed examples of Rembrandt's etchings, and is one of his most reworked plates. Our impression is of the final state out of ten. As the title would suggest, the piece depicts the biblical scene of Christ's resurrection of Lazarus. The striking contrast between the dark tomb and the beam of light illuminating the awakened Lazarus–with Christ's shadowed back and illuminated hand bridging the areas of light and darkness–illustrates Rembrandt's genius as an etcher and a visual storyteller.

This print is from the Millenium Portfolio, a series of eight prints taken from Rembrandt's original copper plates between the years 1993 and 2000. After Rembrandt passed in 1669, most of his surviving etching plates remained in a single collection until 1993, when they were sold at auction. Many of the plates passed to museums and private collections around the world, including eight to the collector Howard Berger. In the following years, Berger worked with the master printers Emiliano Sorini and Marjorie Van Dyke to pull impressions from Rembrandt’s original copper plates. The aptly named Millennium Edition was limited to 2,500 impressions of each image and allows today's viewers to see the mastery of Rembrandt's technique as well as insights into his personal life.