Three Hunters On Horseback, late 19th century
tempera on laid paper
12 x 8.25 in
SKU: DB2004d

The present illuminated folio page contains a fine miniature depicting three figures hunting while on horseback, an image meant to accompany a historic epic. During the medieval period, hunting was an important pastime of male nobility throughout the Islamic world. The Quran itself explicitly endorses hunting and the use of animals to aid in capturing prey: "Lawful to you are foodstuffs that are good to eat and any game that, at your wish, is captured by beasts of prey which train as you do dogs, according to the method that Allah has taught you, after you have spoken the name of Allah over it." (Q 6:4) Muslim princes and nobles enjoyed the chase of the prey via horseback, using bow and arrow, crossbows, and blowpipes to capture their prey Horseback riding itself trained young men in the necessary skills for armed combat and warfare, developing their speed and strength.

12 x 8.25 inches, artwork
19.75 x 15.88 inches, frame
accompanied on the back with an image of the verso
framed to conservation standards with a 100% rag silk-lined mat in a gold gilded frame