Diane Arenberg

Window to Canyonlands, 1996-97
Monotype on Rives paper, diptych
29.38 x 22.25 in
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"Window to Canyonlands" by Diane Arenberg is a diptych and a monotype on Rives paper. In this work, the artist depicts a southwestern landscape. It is an abstracted canyon populated by horses set against a mottled sky.


Artwork Size: 29 3/8" x 22 1/4"

Frame Size: 38 3/4" x 54 1/4"


Artist Bio:

Diane Arenberg began her formal art studies at the University of Illinois, and continued at Purdue University where she received a B.A. in Interior Design. She has studied metal smithing, painting, sculpture, jewelry-making, and printmaking.


Artist Statement: "Color, light, texture, and form: four elements in nature that have captivated me for years! Whether I am looking at the grandeur of the landscape, a gemstone, or ink as it is spread across a printing plate, I continually look for ways to incorporate my fascination with these phenomena in my artistic creations. Although I will pursue a single theme in a variety of mediums and styles, these threads are present, regardless of the materials I choose. My work varies from impressionistic to abstract. Art enables me to express feelings that cannot be said with words: similarly, abstraction provides me a way to convey emotions that cannot be portrayed with realism. Much of my inspiration can be found in the contrast of weather beaten rocks and canyons of the southwest with softer elements such as vegetation, water, and cloud formations. The duality of the ancient with the ephemeral keeps me returning to explore with brush, canvas, metal, stone, pigment, and paper."