World War I Poster - Uncle Sam, c. 1917
Color lithograph
28 x 20 in
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This World War I poster, featuring Uncle Sam, was printed by Meisenheimer-Milwaukee and was sponsored by the Woman's Liberty Loan Committee. The artist is unknown. The text on the poster reads:

"Oh, Uncle Sam, come blow your horn
We must save up our wheat, we must use up our corn
Where are our khaki lads today?
They're over the ocean and far away!
And will you help them?
Aye, that will I!
A Liberty Bond I will gladly buy."

28" x 20" art
38" x 30" frame

Matted with silver accent. Surrounded by an ornate frame with leaf detailing in a gold finish. Glazed in UF5 Plexiglass that filters 99% of UV rays to inhibit fading and is guaranteed to not break during shipping.

"This poster has actually been in my family for as long as I can remember – it originally hung in the front lobby of my family's company, the Barnett Woolen Mills, back in the 1940s. the company did very well making blankets for the American army during WWII, but unfortunately, the company ran out of money during the 1950s. I was supposed to run this company when I grew up, but after it closed I had to find a different vocation and so in 1966 as a 19-year-old I opened an art gallery!" 
- David Barnett