Cathryn Ruvalcaba

Young Bulls in Spring, 2019
Oil on canvas
6 x 18 in
SKU: 12558c
"Young Bulls in Spring" is an original oil painting by Cathryn Ruvalcaba. Here, she depicts four young bulls prancing through a pasture as an adult grazes under the shade of a tree in the distance. The composition is a study in horizontal lines, from the arrangement of the four young animals, like a repeating pattern across the image, to the edge of the field and the dark forest in the distance. Cathryn paints in the Russian Impressionistic style with vivid colors and intense reflected light. She also paints captivating portraits, but is most comfortable among the barnyards and pastures of her youth.

6 x 18 inches, artwork
9.5 x 21.5 inches, frame