Aage Rasmussen

Aage Rasmussen(1889-1983) made his breakthrough as a young man, in 1937 when he proposed a poster for DSB: Lyntogsplakaten, which was accepted on the spot. The poster in the worm's eye view shows the track with the forward running express trains, while the old steam train disappears from the track. As the light is seen a speedometer. As well as train speed was changed, corrected Aage Rasmussen poster, as he retained the template itself, but changed trains and speed indication. Aage Rasmussen made since several posters for DSB. Several of them were used as advertising abroad. Danish Poster Museum has reprinted a number of beautiful posters of Aage Rasmussen as the museum along with Art and inherited rights dertil.Andre posters for such SAS, Maersk, DFDS, the Danish Book Week, Automobile exhibition in the Forum. Aage Rasmussen became the model for many Danish poster artists for generations after him. In 1938 won Aage Rasmussen, a competition to create a new Denmark poster. One of the judges was the great idol of the French poster artist AM Cassandre. The poster was, however, only printed after the war, in 1946. Since Aage Rasmussen made a number byplakater, tourist posters, inter alia, Odense, Svendborg, Herning. Source: www.plakatmuseum.dk/
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