Alexander Lunois

Alexandre Lunois was born on February 2, 1863, in Paris. Lunois was an autodidact and is considered the re-inventor of the so-called lithotint technique. His first works were black and white lithographs, including "Scenes from a Life in Paris," "The Circus," and "Dutch Scenes." Inspired by his yearly travels, Alexandre Lunois went more and more to color lithography. He produced the illustrations for Theophile Gautier's "Fortunio," among others. Alexandre Lunois worked also as an engraver as of 1907 and published a luxury edition of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen with 66 of his own engravings under the title "Histoires et Aventures" in his own publishing house. Lunois died on September 2, 1916, in Le-Pecq.
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