Charles Doudelet

Belgian Artist Painter: Engraver; Painter; Illustrator; Graphic Artist; Symbolist style Belgian painter, sculptor, illustrator and stage designer. He studied music at the Koninklijk Muziekconservatorium and sculpture at the Gewerbeschule, Ghent (after 1877). He visited Paris in 1887 and Italy in 1890, with a grant from the city of Ghent. He was deeply impressed by the masters of the Quattrocento, and was encouraged to take up painting after meeting Constantin Meunier (1891). He painted Symbolist scenes and was influenced by Art Nouveau. After exhibiting his work with Les XX in Brussels (1893), he made decorative panels for Oostakker Castle. He experienced success with works of large dimension and imagination that reflected his taste for Art Noveau. Also, he wrote books on typography and printmaking.
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