Constantin Terechkovitch

Russian. Constantin (or Kostia) Terechkovitch was born near Moscow on May 1st, 1902. He attended Moscow’s Academy of Fine Arts in Moscow before (at the age of eighteen) leaving his homeland and venturing to Paris. There, Terechkovitch met Michel Larionoff and became involved in the Ballets Russes which had swept the Parisian social world. He was also introduced to other major French artists of Jewish extraction, such as Chaim Soutine, Amadeo Modigliani and Marc Chagall. Starting in 1926, Terechkovitch exhibited his work at the Girard, Quatre-Chemins, Elys?e, Petrides and Bernier galleries. He also participated in the Paris Salons and in many group shows in Paris. In 1951 he was elected a Knight of the Legion of Honor. Abroad, Terechkovitch exhibited in Brussels, Geneva and New York. Terechkovitch is best remembered for his scenes of family life as well as his depictions of horse races (which reflect the influence of Raoul Dufy), as well as his still lifes and landscapes.
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