Faith Taylor-Lund

Faith Lund, Artist currently living in Wilbraham, Massachusetts Adjunct Art Professor at Westfield State College in Westfield, MA

"Painting an abstract is my soul’s adventure. It’s a process of moving forward, taking time to depart from the old so that I can explore and grow. Allowing myself to get lost in the adventure yet finding my way ‘home’ as everything falls into place is an invaluable journey."

Faith Taylor Faith paints in various styles including realism, abstract, landscape and a collection of combinations that, despite their distinctiveness, share the commonality of depth. Her paintings compel viewers to reach out and touch them, as the mind is curious at being unable to process, by sight alone, their intense depth and elegance.

Faith was born in Houston, Texas and in her late teens she became the first female disc jockey (Bunny Taylor) at the number one station in Houston, KRBE-FM. According to Faith, being on the air was an ‘outlet’ for her young creative spirit. It was several years later, shortly before her move to California, that Faith fell, head over heels, in love with painting.

Never having had an art lesson, Faith taught herself while attempting mimic the styles of the Old Masters. Each work of art is an expression of Faith’s experiences and inspirations, along with her desire to capture a moment in time while remaining true to her intuition and grace. 

Among the artists who have influenced Faith are first and foremost the Old Masters, who she considers her "first loves." Faith holds the utmost respect and admiration for Constable, Inness and Turner.

Artist’s Statement: "That same comfortable feeling one gets from intimately expressing oneself with the dearest of friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, is how I feel when I begin each blank canvas. I know that I am completely free to tap into my deepest feelings and honestly express passionate emotions through layers of color with both palette knife and brush.

As the colors merge and run, the direction of the painting begins to manifest. Trusting my intuition, orientation and focal points are established. Broad strokes are balanced by intricate strokes of detail. Intrigue, balance and depth are created by the use and absence of both color and space.

I feel confident the piece is ‘finished’ when, what once was a blank canvas, is now looking back at me with a soul of its own. From the depth of the realism to the mystery of the abstraction...the piece is now ready to touch the heart and engage the mind of the viewer. What started out as my confidant is now my soul mate.

"I started my painting career in college creating abstracted landscapes using oil paint. By the time I reached grad school I changed my technique. I began creating very large stained canvas paintings. Subject of abstracted landscapes evolved to horizon lines and non-objective shapes.

Inspiration: nature and effects of nature; examples: weather worn and water stained sidewalks; squall lines appearing on the horizon of Lake Michigan; reflections. My technique included layering of pigment allowing watery veils of acrylics to become natural organic shapes. As the layers built up I was able to attain depth through transparencies. Lacy edges of shapes became important as well as the interplay with the outer edge of the canvas. Color and it's exploration was a necessary ingredient.

Transition: I started traveling to Europe. The lighting in Paris and the countryside led me to introduce subject matter to my work, specifically old facades of buildings. The crumbling surfaces contrasting with brilliant flower forms was my new focus. My technique of stained canvas was still in use. Now I introduced oil paint and the brush. I was very intrigued with surface texture and would integrate impasto brush strokes with my prior layering technique of acrylic wash. The end result allowed for an extreme amount of depth and high contrast of texture.

Today: My travels continue. Each time I see the Masters first hand and walk in their environment and witness probable influences I add to my artistic evolution. My style and technique continue to evolve. I currently am working in two directions both non-objectively and subject oriented. Current result displays more depth, more impact, more detail. I actively exhibit and sell my work knowing that there are many mental paintings waiting to be created."

Faith Taylor AWARDS: 
Century Artist 1992 PBS WMVS Television Milwaukee
Wisconsin Magic Market Place West Bend, Wisconsin First Place 1984, 1985, Third Place 1978 
Robert Rolfs Purchase Award 1976 
Karl Ratzch Purchase Award 1975 
Vicinity Invitational Wustum Museum Racine, Wisconsin First Place, 1969, Purchase Award 1968 
University of Wisconsin, Whitewater Creative Arts Show, Second Place, 1967

Museum of Women in the Arts - Archives Washington DC
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Fine Arts Gallery 
Wustum Museum Racine, Wisconsin 
David Barnett Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Bank of Janesville Janesville, Wisconsin 
Miller Brewing Company Corporate Office Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
The Phillip Orth Art Collection Oak Creek, Wisconsin 
Northwestern Mutual Insurance Company Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
West Bend Mutual Insurance Company West Bend, Wisconsin

Unitarian Society 1995 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Marco Island Art Association Show & Lecture Marco Island, Florida 1994 
Main Street Cafe Hartford, Wisconsin 1993 
First Wisconsin Banks Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1992 
Trommell Crow Galleria Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1992 
Bradley Galleries Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1975 
First Unitarian Society Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1972 
Wustum Museum Racine, Wisconsin 1971 
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Fine Arts Gallery

DeLind Gallery of Fine Arts Milwaukee Landmarks 1996 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Federal Building 1995 Curated Show Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Mi Ma's Café 1993 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Wyndahm Hotel 1994 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Milwaukee Repertory Theater 1995 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
Faculty Show "Works in Progress" 2004 Westfield State College

INTERNET:, New York, New York Featured artist for January 2005

Crossman Gallery University of Wisconsin - Whitewater Alumni Exhibit 1996 
Juried exhibit 1985 Ideas/ Images Wisconsin Art Milwaukee Art Museum Milwaukee
Wisconsin Bank One, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1989 
Marine Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin WMVS Television Auction Exhibit 1989, 
1975-1977 Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, 
Wisconsin Collectors Gallery 1970-1978 
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Alumni Show, 1974, 1975 
West Bend Museum of Art Women in the Arts 1974 West Bend, Wisconsin 
MGIC Investment Corporation Gallery on the Plaza 1994 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
First Wisconsin Center 1973 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wisconsin 
Painters & Sculptors Show Milwaukee Art Museum 1972 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Wisconsin Women in the Arts,1972

Master of Science, 1969 
Master of Fine Arts, 1970 
University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 
Bachelor of Education - Art 1967 University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

DeLind Gallery of Fine Art Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1992-1999 
Epic Gallery 1994-95 Naples, Florida 
Dorothy Bradley Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1970-1980 
Milwaukee Art Museum Collectors Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WTMJ-TV Special Art Program Sponsored by the Milwaukee Art Museum Exhibition and Demonstration of Work 1971 
WMVS-TV Channels 10/36 Century Artist Demonstration of Work Live Appearance 1999 
WGBY 5712/99-1/2000 Springfield, Massachusetts Juried Exhibition/Televised Auction Manchester Who's Who of Executive & Professionals 2004-05

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