Jonathan Mhondorohuma - African (Shona)

Jonathan Mhondorohuma was born in 1969 in Mvurwi, Zimbabwe. In 1989, Jonathan’s friend, the sculptor Square Chikwanda, invited him up to Tengenenge to experiment with stone sculpture. After Jonathan Mhondorohuma spent six months at Tengenenge, learning the basics of stone sculpture from Square Chikwanda before moving to Harare. He had the good fortune to work with the master sculptor Joseph Ndandarika, whose influence can be seen in Mhondorohuma’s command of composition, fluidity of line, and composure of expression. The late Ndandarika is widely regarded as one of the greatest sculpting talents Zimbabwe has ever known, and Mhondorohuma was privileged to work with him until his death in 1991. After Ndandarika’s death, Mhondorohuma was chosen for the Chapungu Resident Artist Program. By 1997, Jonathan had established his name as an important new talent in the Zimbabwean art. His subject matter is extensive, but almost always involves human activity ranging from expressions of cultural custom and legend to village activity and sleeping children.


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