Jonathan Nhete - African (Shona)

Jonathan Nhete was born on November 16, 1972 into a family of 5 boys. He decided to explore in the art industry and was fascinated by the works made by a local artist Dudzai Mushawepwere, starting to sculpt in 1987 under this master's guidance. During the next two years, he learned the basic tools to translate his memories onto a stone. In 1989 he moved out from the shadow of the towering Mushawepwere and ventured into the art industry as a solo artist.


Known for his quick smile and likable character, Jonathan Nhete is a sculptor with a rising reputation amongst art collectors. With his brother Joel, he lives and works in Chitungwiza, a vibrant artist community half an hour from Harare. He started his gallery in Chitungwiza and opened another at Chitungwiza Art Center. Jonathan loves to make human figures, flowers, and abstracts. Jonathan’s sculptures, which are mainly carved using very hard springstone or serpentine, have found their way to private collections and galleries around the world. Some of his works are found at the National Handicraft Centre. He also has sold sculptures in Belgium, the US, Holland, Canada, Australia and many more. He wishes to become a very accomplished artist and to help upcoming artists. Nhete dedicates all of his works to his teacher Dudzai Mushawepwere. Jonathan is married with two children.


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