Karin Krohne Kaufman

Karin Krohne Kaufman was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Her serious interest in art began at the age of four, when she found herself drawing whenever she had the chance. Children’s book illustrations were a particular interest to Kaufman. She was drawn to vivid colors and the way in which the subjects appeared animated. Through the 1970’s Kaufman independently studied and analyzed illustration and from there, developed her own style, primarily working with pen and ink, eventually switching to drawing with graphite in the late 1970’s. From 1980-1985 Kaufman attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee to obtain a degree in nursing, while also taking two semesters of basic drawing, and one semester of life drawing. During her years in college, she became familiar with psychologist Carl Jung’s work, specifically in the areas of archetypes and dream symbolism. She also studied world religions and took particular interest in Native American philosophy. These interests greatly influence Kaufman’s art. They are reflected in the universal symbols that she uses in her drawings, and indirectly her reverence for the earth. In1989 Kaufman began to use colored pencils and has continued to use them up to the present. Kaufman, a Wisconsin resident, is a self-taught artist. She calls her works "Illustrated Dreams" because this is the experience that they most closely resemble. These colored pencil illustrations are exquisitely detailed, depicting young Asian women and capturing a fantasy-like image of nature and children. Like dreams, these drawings contain universal symbols which psychologist Carl Jung termed archetypes. Although she has personal interpretations of the drawings, she feels that the universal symbolism which the drawings contain give them a meaning which is unique for each individual. Exhibitions Marian Center /Jung Center Milwaukee, Wisconsin American Nurses Foundation, Inc. Washington, DC David Barnett Gallery Milwaukee, Wisconsin Education University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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