Katherine Hartley

Hartley is an English artist whose works are driven by her imagination and passion for pattern and color. Her inspiration is derived from travel books, markets, recipes, fabrics, food packaging, holiday photos and much more. Hartley works in mixed media, using acrylic and gouache paints, inks, crayons, stitch fabrics and papers in an innocent and childlike style through the arrangement and rearrangement of images until a lovely storyline unfolds. On July 28, 2006, the David Barnett Gallery had the first U.S. premier exhibition for this talented young artist. In addition to Katherine’s mixed media paintings, limited edition prints of the paintings are also available at the gallery. Hartley received her Bachelor of Arts in Textile Arts from Manchester Metropolitan University. In 2004, she won the Tiger Print Prize at the New Designers Show in London. Outside of work, her main interests are fashion, textiles, and contemporary art. She enjoys attending galleries and museums to keep her inspired. Hartley’s positive outlook reflects her cheerful, easygoing personality, her relish for new challenges, and her ability to gracefully adapt to new situations. This optimistic life view is delightfully mirrored in her work.

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