Marshford Kanyemba - African (Shona)





Marshford Kanyemba was born on February 27, 1976, grew up and still lives in Chitungwiza, a large town near the capital city of Harare. He did his primary education at Faria School in Chitungwiza and went on to finish his secondary education at Seke 5 High School in Chitungwiza. Marshford Kanyemba started sculpting during his early days of secondary education. It was his uncle Chituwa Jemali and his two elder brothers Denny and Shaibu Kanyemba that inspired his interest in carving.


Marshford displays a professional yet friendly nature and his art represents many aspects of daily life, mixing tragedies with triumphs. He prefers mainly to carve in springstone. Marshford had work selected in display during Zimbabwe's Annual Heritage in 1990. Many of his sculptures can be found abroad in collections in Holland, Belgium, Britain, the United States and Germany.


Chitungwiza is well known for hosting a large artist community and Marshford, along with his brother Denny, have an open gallery from where they sell their work.



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