Munyaradzi Mukungurutse - African (Shona)

Munyaradzi Mukungurutse was born in the rich Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe on the first of May 1979. Munyaradzi means "the one who brings peace, the one who reconciles." He was educated up to ordinary levels at Nyakasikana Secondary School. In 1997, he migrated from Mr. Darwin to Chitungwiza near Harare where he saw people bringing form out of stones and wood. As art was something inborn in him, the desire to carve caught up with him and he decided he should give it a try. It took about two years for him to be groomed into an artist who could portray his own images under the guidance of renowned artists like Darios Chikumbirke and Caleb Samhere. These artists taught him how to carve fine art, making heads and animals in stone and wood. Munyaradzi found Shona art to be more inspirational, so to gain experience, he went to Hatfield where he teamed up with famed sculptors like Chenjerai Chiripanyanga and Rangarai Makunde. He spent three years under the watchful eye of Makunde. Munyaradzi specializes in visual and contemporary arts. He gets his inspiration from what he sees in daily life "because art is about living." He specializes in stones like verdite, cobalt, opal and serpentine.

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