Obert Mukumbi - African (Shona)

Obert Mukumbi was born on February 11, 1974 in the village of Dengu in Bindura, some 86 kilometers north east of Harare, Zimbabwe, where he likewise completed his O-levels in school.  During his education, he was interested in wood craft.  By age twelve, however, he began working in stone under the guidance and encouragement of his brother Kennedy Musekiwa, an already established and well-known sculptor. Obert additionally received training from Richard Magwenzi.


Obert's works concentrate on issues of the day-to-day life of African people which he achieves from human expression in abstract and figurative form. When asked about his art, he replies, “In God and my Mudzimu, I trust I`m going to deliver quality pieces to all my customers all around the world using hard stones… exhibiting in each and every corner of those who are interested in my works.” He indeed works on hard stones such as springstone, opal, cobalt and fruit serpentine, and his work has been exhibited in many countries including the USA, Venezuela and Cuba. Obert is married to Lilian Ushawedunha and has two children.


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