Sarah Horvat

Sarah Horvat is a published freelance illustrator and award-winning artist based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her illustrations have been featured in magazines, youth and adult books, and various media for Northwestern Publishing House, WELS Synod publications, and arts organizations. She has exhibited her fine art in galleries, museums, colleges, and businesses. Horvat was awarded the 1993 WELS Art Guild Golden Palette Award, was the Fine Arts representative groundbreaker for the Wisconsin Lutheran College Center for the Arts (1995), and is in various "Who's Who" publications. Horvat embraces a Renaissance-man approach, a passion reflected among her diverse interests. Her artwork ranges from realistic to abstract, literal to allegorical, with lyrical lines, organic forms and visual textures. Horvat's diverse portfolio includes oil and watercolor paintings, stone sculpture, pastel and oil pastel, charcoal, mixed media, and photography, with a recent focus on drawing, watercolor and ink. Her sketchbook, based on playing cards, is part of "The Sketchbook Project: Volume 3" hosted by the Art House Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, that will travel like a concert tour among U.S. galleries and museums from late February til mid-June, 2009.
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