Tuvia Beeri

Czech Republic, 1929- Born in Topolcany in 1929 Tuvia Beeri went to Israel in 1948 where he studied at the Oranim Art School with Marcel Janco and Jacov Wexler. He studied etchings technique with Johnny Friedlaender and lithography at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts Paris from 1961-1963. Upon his return to Israel in 1963 he taught at the Bezalel School of Art Jerusalem. Since 1964 he has taught etching at the Avni Institute of Art in Tel Aviv. He won the Milo Prize in Tel Aviv in 1969 and was awarded a gold medal at the Florence Biennale in 1972. He also won a prize at the Museum of the Bible Tel Aviv in 1982. Since 1961 Tuvia Beeri's work has been exhibited widely in Israel France and Germany as well as in New York Luxembourg and Zurich. The coloured construction of Tuvia Beeri's abstracted ideas seem to relate to the fundamentals of landscape. As a review in Tribune de Geneve quotes:"Beeri's graphic poems consist of circles and clouds of shapes exploring and merging from ink black to the astral white all of them set in an infinite space. This is a boundless world which is nevertheless defined with strict geometry. This is the master engraver and man of vision."

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