Wonder Mazhindu Bumhira- African (Shona)



Born on January 17th, 1982 in East Mashonaland, Harare, Wonder (often spelled Wander) is the fifth born of a family of 6 children. The family is made up of four boys and two girls. He comes from the Chihota communal area in Marondera and belongs to the Shona tribe. He did his primary and secondary education at St. Hughes School in Seke. Wonder completed his schooling in 1999 and never thought to be an artist but discovered that it was in his blood. His inspiration comes from his brother, Picket Mazhindu Bumhira, who was his teacher.

Taught to carve as a young boy by his brother, Picket Mazhindu, Wonder completed his O Levels in 1999 and decided to take up carving full time. Since then, he has successfully focused on creating his own unique style. He mainly enjoys carving abstract figures and birds using mixed medium.

A very skilled sculptor, he is comfortable carving the harder varieties of stone available to him in Zimbabwe, his favorites being springstone and opaline.

"I am proud to be a Shona and that the art movement is enlightening the world on our myths and beliefs," he says.  "The carving movement has grown to where we are now into the fifth generation of carvers. I love art and I am willing to teach others to carve. All you have to be is very disciplined and love hard work and art. I never thought I would be an artist, but it is in our family. I believe I was born poor but rich in mind and I love my chosen path."

Wonder's sculpture has been exhibited throughout Germany, USA, Holland, United Kingdom, China, Korea, Australia and countries of Africa.


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