Patterns and Textiles Show

We are proud to present Textiles & Patternmaking, an exhibit exploring how the principles of weaving and patternmaking most commonly associated with the textiles are utilized across mediums. Featuring woven, quilted, embroidered, tufted, and knotted fiber works from across the world, and throughout time, alongside mimetic artworks in a diversity of mediums, the often-underestimated power of patternmaking is on full display. 


The exhibition of these pieces together calls into question the way textiles, as use objects, have often been excluded from the world of fine art. Whether it be for ceremonial practice, contemporary fashion, or entertainment, textile pieces from the all around the globe seemingly carry a derogatory connotation as if they cannot constitute as fine art. Through this show, we seek to bring to visibility the skills and expertise hand crafted into these fine works.