Caterina d'Alexandria (Saint Catherine of Alexandria), c. 1800s
Oil on wood panel
23.63 x 18 in
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"Caterina d'Alexandria (Saint Catherine of Alexandria)" is an original oil painting on wood panel, likely painted by Italian artist Giampietrino (Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli). The painting depicts Saint Catherine in prayer before her execution; the spiked wheel upon which she was martyred appears in the left foreground. She was a virgin and martyr, killed in the early 4th century. In addition, Catherine was both a princess and a noted scholar, who became a Christian around the age of 14, converted hundreds of people to Christianity, and was martyred around the age of 18.


Artwork Size: 23 5/8" x 18"

Frame Size: 30" x 24" 


Artist Bio:


Giampietrino, whose full name was probably Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, was a northern Italian painter of the Lombard school and part of Leonardo da Vinci’s circle. He was born in Milan and is believed to be active around 1500 to 1530. According to the National Gallery, the use of his name is conjectural, because it had been applied to a group of paintings as a result of its appearance in Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus. Scholarly consensus, however, has equated the ‘gian pietro’ of Leonardo’s Codex with Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli. He was a painter of large altarpieces, Madonnas, holy women in half figure, and mythological women. The artist’s similarities to works by Leonardo suggest a relationship with him during his second Milanese period (mid. 1508-1513). Giampietrino was among the most faithful and celebrated disciples of Lenardo “renowned during his lifetime for images characterized by their accentuated physicality and expressiveness. His paintings strike a fine balance between the devotional and the sensual, pairing bold colors and strong physiognomies with highly refined, softly illuminated features and virtuoso effects of pictorial delicacy...” (Christie’s) While he is best known today as a follower and copyist of Leonardo, Giampietrino’s work was often copied itself.