Reginald K. Gee

Chemical Skoids Void Balance, 1990
Acrylic on paper, signed right center
30 x 40 in
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This oil pastel artwork, 'Chemical Skoids Void Balance,' Reginald K Gee plays with space and perspective. Like in a collage, a technique that modern and contemporary artists prize for its ability to disorient the viewer with naturalistic space, Gee layers multiple images on top of one another. At the bottom, the most dominant image shows a police officer tending to the wounds of another while a man in a trench coat looks onward. To the left, an image of a singer in an empty amphitheater. To the right, as though acknowledging his playful representation of space, disembodied glasses gaze upon these scenes like photographs in an album. 30 x 40 inches, artwork 39.5 x 49.5 inches, frame Signed right center Signed, dated and entitled on reverse Presented in a new custom frame, including a silver-finish wood moulding, archival mounting materials and Museum glass. Exhibited: "The History of Wisconsin Art: A Creative Place", Cedarburg Art Museum, 22 January –8 May 2022. Published: Lidke, Thomas and Annemarie Sawkins. 'A Creative Place: The History of Wisconsin Art'. Cedarburg Art Museum, Cedarburg, WI, 2022. p. 376, illus. From the exhibition: "The early 1980s saw the emergence of a confident, often raw, style labeled Neo-expressionism that some regard as a masculine backlash to the feminist art of the 1970s. This lively style is characterized by recognizable and abstract elements expressed in vivid colors and dynamic gestures. During this period Reginald K. Gee quickly became a sought-after Neo-expressionist painter. His professional breakthrough came in the form of a sold-out Milwaukee show at Dean Jensen Gallery in 1988. His painting titled 'Nationwide Tobacco Ban' was adopted by the American Lung Association's anti-smoking campaign. Three years later, in 2002, two of Gee's paintings were included in the Smithsonian Institution's exhibition 'In the Spirit of Martin: The Living Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'"